Blizzard Bag

                          Blizzard Bag Assignment

Your assignment will be to familiarize yourself with the New Hampshire government internet site. You will learn how to navigate the site, how the branches operate, and what your state government makes available for resources to you as a citizen. Answer each set of questions on the branches by clicking on the particular branch found below on this page. Save each set of questions by making a copy to your Google Drive. Then answer the questions online. Once you complete a set of questions go to the assignment drop box for your class and submit the information. Remember you are to do this for each set of questions.The answers will be found by going to the our state government link also found on this page. Once you are on their site go to the branch you are researching. Enjoy and feel free to ask for help as you may need it through this assignment.

NH State Government

Executive                      Judicial                 Legislative