Socialization Unit Sheet

Unit Title: Socialization 

Content Standard: NH Frameworks

Standard Number (and/or) Text:
2.0 Essential Skills for Social Studies

Enduring Understandings: Students will be able to understand that Socialization is the cultural process  of learning to participate in group life; recognize that all three theoretical perspectives agree that socialization is needed if cultural and societal values are to be learned; and to recognize that during childhood and adolescence, the major agents of socialization are family, school, peer group and mass media. 

Essential Questions:
(Inquiry used to explore enduring understanding)

What moves an individual to think and act as they do.

Knowledge and Skills: (Competencies)
(Students will know and be able to)

I. The importance of Socialization                  1.  Define the term Socialization

     A. Socialization and Personality                 2.  Discuss the role Socialization
                                                                              plays in human development
     B. Case studies on isolated
        children                                                   3.    Explain key concepts of
                                                                               socialization from the symbolic
                                                                               interactionist perspective
ll. Socialization and the Self

    A. The Functionalist and                             4.    Analyze the role of family,
         Conflict perspective                                      and the media socializing
         on Socialization                                            young
   B.   Symbolic
         and Socialization                                    5.   Discuss processes for socialization
                                                                              in adulthood


Performance Tasks/Other Evidence:

Class discussion: how does advertising alter the way we think?
Class discussion: what is acceptable dress in our high school?
What is not? What explains the difference?
Class survey: your family values vs .your own. What are the similarities?
What are the differences?
Test combining both multiple choice and writing components

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